You no longer have to pay a monthly fee to hold web conferences. We charge a one-time fee for our source code which you run on the public or private cloud or on in-house servers connected to the Internet. If the current web conferencing service providers would sell you their source code, they would lose all of their large clients, and create many smaller more nimble competitors. We are dedicated to providing secure web conference solutions to large organizations, governments, hospitals, and service providers with no ongoing costs.

We are the only company offering web conferencing software source code. We disintermediate all the existing service providers saving your company a very large amount of ongoing monthly expenses. You can inspect every line of our code to be certain your web conferences are secure. You can install our software on your server behind your VPN firewall to be assured only persons from your company or organization can join a web conference.

Now you can hold secure web conferences without wondering if the service provider is spying on your conferences.