Why SecureConf?

We create fully branded and completely secure web conferencing sites that includes our API and SSO tools. They can be hosted anywhere with unlimited fully branded domains, unlimited number of users on an unlimited number of servers behind or in front of your firewall.

You own the software source code so you can be assured that packets are not going anywhere except to your users. No one is ever monitoring or spying on your packets. SecureConf is available at a fraction of competitor’s investment, thus eliminating 95+% of your web conferencing expenses. Large web conferencing users can save millions per year. You can eliminate paying monthly charges forever with Zoom®, WebEx®, Microsoft® and other web conferencing service providers.

In addition to the universally used features we include:

• Record and playback without stopping meeting
• Works behind firewalls
• Public and private libraries so you can launch a web conference with your content from any computer anywhere
• Multiple pre-defined conference rooms per moderator
• Rooms that can be printed on business cards, email signatures or included in sharable contact information