Owning Source Code for Web-Conferencing

What is owning source code from Zoom®, WebEx®, Microsoft® and others worth?
Are you a large Telecommunications or SaaS company needing a way to increase revenues from your existing client base? With our web conferencing source code any end-user can create a fully branded web conferencing site in minutes. Unlike all the other products, you can install our code behind your client's firewall to provide secure web conferences.

You can offer every client a $1T indemnity policy that none of their conferences are being sent to a Siri® or Alexa® voice recognition system or is being used to train AI software. You will own the code and can review every line of source code to verify this independently.

Why own SecureConf source code?

1. OpEx savings: If your organization or government entity is spending 6-figures or more per year with any web conferencing service, you will see significant immediate and ongoing savings.

2. Security: You can install the source code behind your firewall, thus providing an important extra layer of security. In addition, we provide a multi-factor identification option.

3. Large revenue generator: Using the SaaS model, you will be able to offer customized branded web-conferencing capabilities to customers.

For SaaS companies, they will have the ability to offer this service to existing customers, in addition to their existing offerings. This can generate better revenue growth for them, thus assuring them of meeting the important "SaaS rule of 40" target.

What are we offering?

1. We offer software source code for fully-branded Web-Conferencing sites that can be created and managed using simple web pages.

     * You will own the source code.

     * We will install your software at no additional cost on any Dedicated Server hosting company or in-house server.

     * Large web conferencing users can save millions per year and also have totally secure web conferences.

     * We are offering a 30 day non-binding trial of your customized source code to be used as you deem necessary.

2. No installation charges: Included in the one-time software code investment is the labor to install our software on an unlimited number of servers.

3. Additional high-value features

     * Less effort to send meeting invitations

     * Easier to understand User Interface

     * Multi-lingual

     * Easily integrated API and SSO