Disrupting the Global Web Conferencing Market

Want a secure and fully branded web conferencing service that reduces ongoing costs over 95%? Join the antiSaaS revolution, own our software.

If you want to pay monthly charges forever, stay with Zoom®, WebEx®, Microsoft® and other web conferencing service providers.

What are we offering?

We offer software source code for fully brandable Web Conferencing sites that can be created and managed using simple web pages. We will also install your software at no additional cost on any Dedicated Server Hosting company, or in house server. Dedicated Server Hosting is a globally available fixed monthly price service with unlimited data usage.

Large web conferencing users can save millions per year and also have totally secure web and telephone conferences.

What about installation charges?

Included in the one-time software code investment is the labor to install our software on as many servers globally required to support your organization. This includes both the web conferencing application and the Asterisk® telephone PBX application.

Why own web conferencing source code?

Any company or government spending $500,000 or more per year with any web conferencing service will see immediate and significant ongoing savings and operational security of your meetings.

Want to compete directly against Zoom®?

Maybe you want to own a residual income business with a competitive advantage of guarantying both conference security and no cash flowing to overseas companies. Think of how many States would like assuring their tax payers that web conferencing services are not supporting overseas companies. We can offer you that opportunity at less than one day of Zoom's® revenue.

What security issues with web conferencing?

Read this  logoreport  titled "A Quick Look at the Confidentiality of Zoom®" is written by a Berkeley PhD Computer Scientist